Fabulous naildesigns for you - Christmas edition

Jag kommer under december månad (fram till jul) att publisera lite inlägg med olika christmas nailarts till er. Hoppas ni uppskattar detta och kanske gör nån av designerna. Jag kommer nog att göra nån av dessa. Dela gärna ett inlägg på eran blogg med design om ni provar, kommentera länk i kommentarsfälten så ska jag ta en kik sen :)
Source: 12
Source; 12

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Where do I edit my photos / make blogposts?
I use Photoshop CS5

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I use my two systemcameras Canon EOS 450D & Canon EOS1100D,
the cellphone right now is Samsung Galaxy S3

Do you have other blogs, I recognize your name.
Yes I have! I used to have blog with my name and after that I've created many blogs that I thought I would keep alive but never really got "stuck" with the urls I chosed. So I created blogs and than abended them. Lol! I also used to blog on wordpress but I decided to move my blog here because I wanted to be able to be personal and have personal themes etc.

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